Game Art & Design

In 2015, I went to The Art Institute of Houston to get a Bachelor’s Degree. To further my capabilities, I believed the Game Art & Design program was the best choice for me.

Animation & Compositing

I skinned, rigged and animated this 3D Stormtrooper model (submitted on by Steve4) using 3DS Max for a student project while attending the Game Art & Design program at the Art Institute of Houston in 2017. I then composited the animation into the video, extending the background and adding realistic shadows using After Effects. 

Gaming UI

Infinite Knight Menus
Infinite Knight HUD
Circuit Breaker Menu
Medieval Game GUI

DataByte Game Trailer & OST

This is a rough cut of the game trailer for a student group project I worked on while attending the Art Institute of Houston. I designed the logo using Adobe Illustrator, edited the trailer using Premiere and created the titling in After Effects. I also created the soundtrack using iMaschine on my iPhone. 

Playable Games

Physical Games

While attending The Art Institute of Houston, I was tasked with building various board- and card-based games.

MarioKart Board Game

For this project, I found images online and created board game with rules.

War Card Game

For this project, I found images online and created the card game with rules based off of Rock, Paper, Scissors.

Epic Death Battle Tabletop Game

This was a group project, that I took the lead on. I did all of the design and layout and the other three member gathered their 16 favorite characters and gave them classes and stats.